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WEIHNACHTEN - mal ganz anders - mit Katja Keller CLICK HERE



Right outside our door steps, off our gentle beach, we offer a great protected reef, which offers you great snorkeling, and even diving. Or you can stay ontop of it all and gently glide along the costline with our one-person or two-person kayaks.

Floating in water is one of the fastest ways to de-stress. There is something magical in seeing the light patterns under water, feeling yourself gently floating, and being absorbed in an utterly different world of colors, silence and vastness.



You can snorkel and kayak right outside our doorsteps of ShangriLa or you can hire a dive master, and scuba dive outside in our proteced reef fo Bondalem.

SNORKELING Equipment is available for rent for free at any time at our front desk
  • FINS and MASKs are included
  • If lost or stolen you replace them
  • Double Kayak 50.000 Rp per time
  • Singel Kayak: 30.000 Rp per time
  • Rent one of our bicycles for 50.000 Rp per day
  • for security resons we do not rent MOTOR BIKES

SCUBA DIVING: Min. 2 guests, Cost Rp 350.000 per person, per dive, including all gear.
  • DIVE NOTH BALI is sponsored by ShangriLa: Enjoy diving wiht a divemaster, right by our doorstep!
  • DIVE WEBSITE: Please take a look at our sponsored website:

It is serene here, you will feel it right away, when you arrive at the calm ocean waters of North Bali. The birds still sing and you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowed tourist places. Here we have a calm ocean, which makes diving easy for beginners, but beautiful enough for the well seasoned diver. Discover the North Bali dive paradise.
Bondalem offers a lush, quiet environment and a fast growing reef of almost infinite varieties of fish and corals perfect for diving, snorkeling or dolphin adventures.
It is a great place to learn to dive with easy reef access from the beach, or you can stop on your way from menjagan to amed since it is about half way between



Our guests have loved the dazzeling performances with the entire Gamalan Troupe accompanyingt the dancers. Also for private events, try out the easy to follow private dance classes.



You can have your private Dance Performance, which can be held in the Temple of ShangriLa, in a small or large setting to entertain your group.

This will be a memorable event, especially if you bring a larger group or have a wedding ceremony at Shangri-La.

Prices vary from:

  • 800.000 Rp for 2 dancing girls for a 15 minute WELCOME BIRD DANCE with CD music
  • 3.000.000 Rp for 4 kinds such dances as Welcome Dance, Bird Dance, Teenager Dance, Bee Dance with a Gamelan Troupe for approximately one hour


In funfilled hours you will learn the graceful movents of Balinese Dance:

Our acclaimed dance teacher from Bodalem, who has her own renowned dance troupe, will gently lead you into the following dances:

  • Panyembrama Dance (Welcome Dance)
  • Cendra wasih Dance (Bird Dance)
  • Truna Jaya Dance (Teenager Dance)
  1. Cost: Rp 100.000/ per person/ per hour
  2. Starting at: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm, classes last one hour
  3. Maximum 3 participants
  4. Training at the Temple in ShangriLa

Have you ever marveled at the beauty of Balinese dancers? Have you ever been moved by the grace of their movements and wished you too could move with such grace?
Here at ShangriLa you can study with a true Balinese Dance Teacher, who leads the refined dance troupe in Bondalem.

Even just a few dance classes will affect your inner sense of beauty and grace. Moving with grace takes a little practice but just a few hours will allow you to move your mind and body in a different rhythm, a different style and expand your own vocabulary of grace.

Taking classes from a Balinese Dance Teacher will also give you an opportunity to have close contact and immediate experience of Bali where Bali is at its best.




Do you like Indonesian food? Would you like to take a taste of Bali home?



Your trainer will be our Head Chef: Komang Mudasih

  1. Menu options: Salad or Soup, Main Course, and Desert
  2. Maximum: 3 guests
  3. Cost Rp 200.000/15 €/ per person for 1 hours
  4. Shopping for food at the Bazaar is optional: 5 am -6 am
  5. Training starting at: to be arrange on site TBA



Join us for a few hours of enriching, cultural learning and creative cooking while you learn a few new Indonesian Food Recipes. We will cater to your need or desire of how mild or how spicy you would like your food to be.

Join our cook early in the morning as she goes to the local Bazaar to carefully choose the ingredients of your meals. Watch your cook shop, bargain and choose your food at the lively local market and watch Bali women of all ages meet, shop and interact. Here you will experience true Bali daily life.

After breakfast you will join our cook for 3 hours of fun and easy to follow cooking lessons, while you learn to prepare a variety of exquisite Balinese meals. After you are finished cooking, you will be invited to taste your new creation at the ShangriLa Restaurant by the ocean.






Bali Temple 

Our neighboring fishermen will be your guide:

  1. You will leave in a small outrigger fishermen boat at 5:45 am just in time for sunrise. Our security team will help to awake you and escort you to the beach.
  2. Please bring some water, snack, swimsuit, snorkel, mask and fins, towel, and a sarong to cover up against the sun
  3. Cost per 2 guest: Rp 300.000 (2 people per boat)
  4. Although we can't guaranty dolphins, we have been blessed about 90% of the time with dolphin encounters. Sitting so close to the water level you will feel as if you are right there, with the dolphins.
PLEASE PAY THE FISHERMEN DIRECTLY. (Remember to bring enouch money to pay for all your dolphins trips)


In the early morning, just before sunrise, you will join the fishermen awaiting you in his outrigger boat just outside ShangriLa.

Just you and maybe one other guest, plus the fisherman will venture out to see the dolphins, which frequent the ocean on the North Shore of Bali daily.

The day is starting to break as you putter about 20 minutes out to sea. The shoreline of Bali is legendary, and will give you a very beautiful sunrise.

We will look for wild pods of dolphins, who travel the northern shores of Bali in the early mornings in search of fish. Many times we have been graced with pods of dolphins, some large with numbers up into the hundreds, surrounding your outrigger boat, sometime small pods, but close enough to see well.

  TEMPLE EXCURSION around ShangriLa   


Bali Temple  

Edy will be your guide:

When going to a Temple please wear a Sarong and Scarf
  1. SARONG RENTAL: 30.000 Rp
  2. TEMPLE DONATION: 30.000 Rp/per person
  3. Cost for EDY per peron in a group setting: Rp 30.000
Best Temple experiences are at Full Moon between April - November


The Island of the Gods has many temples in each home and in the village. On special occasions you will see all villagers dress in their most beautiful dressesgoing to the Temple to honor the divine. The PURA, a Balinese Temple, is the centerpiece to Balinese life and is revered to this day. Belief and expression of gratitude to and in a higher force is as important to daily life as the daily rice.

Depending on the time of year and month which you visit Bali, you will be able to witness many ceremonies. At night you can hear the priest call out Balinese chants and lull you to sleep. On full moon nighhs you may want to participate in a lively evening Temple event. Dancers and blessings will be bestowed upon all who are willing to sit on the ground for two hours under the full moon light.

Even if it is not full moon, we will also able to visit the Karma Temple during the day without a ceremony going on, and explore the Temple grounds on our own. We may even have the chance to get the blessing of a priest. It all depends on timing and fortune. Edy will gladly accompany you on a visit to the Temples and advise you on the proper dress and behavior, as well as give you lots of information.




We offer our guests at ShangriLa a daily gentle YOGA workout program usually at 8 am in the morning, DEWI will guide you in your YOGA practice to soothe your soul while toning your body!

Our morning sessions are about 45 minutes long and consist of gentle excercises, which can be done by anybody.

It will help you strengthen your cardiovascular system, tone your body, stretch your muscles, and improve your mental fitness.

Our morning session for the guests at Shangrila start at 8 am.

  • The cost for the MORNING YOGA is paid directly to DEWI
  • COST: a donation of 50.000 Rp per person, with a minimum of 2 people.


If you wish to take the gentle YOGA practice home and continue doing YOGA at home, we recommend you take our YOGA DVD by ILONA SELKE home with you. For sale at our BOUTIQUE.

  VISIT a BALIAN (Balinese Traditional Healer) in Bondalem or a DUKUN (a Balinese Seer) in Ubud      

Blessing by Baliane  

Baliane in Bondalem:

  1. Cost per visit: Rp220.000 Rp suggested donation - this includes the offerings.
  2. DEWI will accompany you and translate for you for the Healers in our northern area for an additonal 50.000 Rp.

Dukun in Ubud:

  1. Cost per visit do the DUKUN is based on donation. Suggested donation is 150.000 Rp PER PERSON
  2. Cost for the DAY TOUR to UBUD is 650.000 Rp.  for up to 5 people (Roundtrip 2-hrs each way, plus time with the Dukun. You may want take the time to sightsee in Ubud)
  3. Cost of MADE WIDI to make the booking for your & taking you there is 250.000 Rp Made Widia /it is a one time fee for 1 -4  peopole. He will translate as best as he can for you for the DUKUN in UBUD.
  4. SRI can translate for you into GERMAN. SRI kann auf Deutsch uebersetzen.. Tagesausflug mit SRI kostet 300.000 RP
  5. Iincidental medicine is free of charge, by donation only.
  1. GERMAN TRANSLATOR: SRI can assist you as a translator at an additional cost of 300.000 Rp per day.
Please contact MADE WIDIA at <made_widia(@)>

The Dukun is a Balinese Dukun, who resides at the many ceremonies and has only special days where he can do readings. Please arrange a date and time to go see the DUKUN well in advance and verify your timing again one week prior to your appointment. Cellphone number from MADE WIDIA is available upon writing to: < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

 In BONDALEM is a healer that can help you by using Balinese traditional medicine which involves intuitive seeing, sensing, appropriating a special traditional medicine, or giving a massage if a person has problems with muscles or joints. A Baliane assists in atuning your energy, seeking to understand the origin of your unwellness, and she will attend to you physically as well as spiritually. 

Please ask Edy once you are at Shangrila to arrange your meeting of the Baliane in Bondalem. He may have a few suggestions of different kind of healer who live around Bondalem, that might interesst you.

The Dukun in UBUD, that we have been seeing, is a Seer who employs speaking with spirits, looking within the soul, viewing the Karma and helping to avert difficulties. The Dukun we know in Ubud has impressed us by his repeatedly valid council and visions he has shared with many of our seminar clients. However, not every time is perfect and it does depend on the connection that he can make with the person.

As stated above, before coming to Bali it is best to make inquires via email to MADE WIDIA to make an appointment in advance, if you wish to visit with the DUKUN in UBUD,  since the Dukun only works according to the Balinese calendar, assists in many celebrations, and may not be readily available at an instance notice.

We recommend taking a translator if you don't understand English as well. We can connect you with a GERMAN guide.

Ubud is a 2-hour car ride from ShangriLa and we would suggest that you plan some extra time to enjoy Ubud for the day as well, as part of your Day-Tour.

Please be advised that you need to honor your booking requests with MADE VIDIA if you make the booking in advance. There is no set fee for your visit with the Dukun as he strictly works on donation, However the suggested donation is 150.000 Rp per person for about 15 minutes of consultation wiht the DUKUN and 250.000 Rp for MADE VIDIA for the time he accompanies you, as your guide. This has worked well and feels fair. Do bring your questions.

Please honor their appointments.




waterfall in Bali  

You can go on the LESS WATERFAL adventure alone, with your partner or in a small group.

Half Day tour to the waterfall
  1. Edy, our guest servie manager, will organize your excursion from Shangrila untill the water fall parking area.
  2. A local guide, if possible Gede will accompnay your Trek
  • Cost for 1 -2 persons: Rp 400.000 including car rental & driver
  • Cost for 7 persons: Rp 70.000 including car rental & driver
  • Individual Tour: Rp 400.000 Price including car rental & driver
  • A 20.000 Rp fee will be asked at the entrance of the pathway to the waterfall



 You will start with a car ride to the parking lot about 25 minutes from the waterfall. Here you will be met by a local guide, if possible we will arrange a young man, by the name of Gede, who will guide you on a trek through the jungle forest, through rich fruit trees, explaining the many plants, fruits and fauna.

At a very small little farmer's village you may want to enjoy a fresh coconut from the tree. Then continue along a gurgling stream and wade in cool water until you arrive at a breathtaking 50 meter tall waterfall which awaits you for a refreshing shower in nature...or you can sit quietly in meditation near the shrine by the waterfall and enjoy the strong chi surrounding you.


WELLNESS TOOLS  at our Shangrila Boutique



At Shangri-La we are offering FREE sessions with the

Relaxing Rhythms Guided Training Program.

You will be working with imagery enhanced computer feedback, with exercises that are fun, easy to learn, and can be adjusted to your level of advancement.

It is the first guided training program that brings together the most prominent leaders in the field of health and wellness - Doctors Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish and Andrew Weil. Together with Healing Rhythms beautifully interactive 15-Step Guided Training Program, you will learn the tools to build a happier, more grounded life.

Experience the benefits of active well-being with Relaxing Rhythms
• Learn effective breathing and meditation exercises lead by experts in the field
• Practice these exercises as you receive personal, real-time feedback on-screen
• See and feel results from the very first step, in as little as fifteen minutes.
• Achieve a new level of
 freedom of the effects of stress.

Transport yourself to a new state of relaxation and ease.

SESSIONS are FREE of charge. Please ask our staff to introduce you to our computer-based Relaxing Rhythm Training Program in our BOUTIQUE


Amazing Dental work in BALI for a FRACTION of the COST  at the SAYAN CLINIC


You can make your Bali vacation  pay for itself by taking advantage of the high tech Dentistry offered at a fraction of the cost in the Western Countries.

Wether you need just your teeth cleaned or weeks of dental work, such as crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays, fillings, orthodontics, amalgam filling replacements, whitening, smile design and general dentistry, we can help you with any of your needs.

From personal experience we highly recommend this SAYAN CLINIC in UBUD.

  1. A day trip to UBUD
  2. A visit to the Dentist at the SAYAN CLINIC
  3. Shopping at the local Bazar
  4. Watch one of the many amazing dances while in UBUD

Private Sessions

Fisherman in Bali  

  1. Holographic Imagery Session 
  2. Session cost 100 USD per hour via skype.
  3. One-Day Intensives are 1000 USD per day.
  4. DNA Activation with Don Paris 500.000 Rp per session (approx 45 min)
  5. Coaching Sessions are to be paid via
  6. SE-5 Demo
If you would like to try out the Holographic Imagery as described in the  books "Wisdom of the Dolphins" or "Dolphins, Love & Destiny" or "Alin learns to use his Imagination" (books at  or

Or you may want to register for one of their seminars.
Please email us at:
Ilona: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Don: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






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