Our Shambala Team


Our House Keeping Staff

At Shambala we have a special motto: Let us live like in Heaven on Earth and be like angels! I often say, that we are here to co-create a special atmosphere, and that the structures and designs, as beautiful as we can make them. in and of themselves do not create the atmosphere like they can as a team. That is what a team can do, they can make you feel cared for, welcomed, liked, treated kindly, and make small gestures of beauty that will make you remember Shambala forever.

We love our staff and are close to them. We care about their well-being and therefor have a profit sharing principle. 15% of the gross income goes to the staff, which is partly supported by your 5% service fee. This means that the more guests we have the happier we all are. And the motivation to work stays strong with increased work!

We have a staff of 24, over one staff per guest capacity. This will ensure you have a heavenly stay with us, as everyone has time to attend to the many details with their full heart.

We hope you love your stay with us and will come again and again!

Housekeeping Team  

Ayu Ningsih
She is a very spiritual woman, vegetarian since childhood, a daughter to a priest and always praying. She believes in KRISHNA and expresses her devotion in her amazing voice. Maybe you will be blessed to hear her sing the devotional Krishna Mantras, as magic comes through her voice when you hear her sing.
Since coming to Shambala she has gotten married to a Krishna devotee and is having her second child now at the end of 2013.

Putu Widayani
She is very gentle in her appearance, cute in her smile, with a very warm heart and a humble nature. She always makes the staff smile and laugh and stands by her friends. She was single when she started working at Shambala, and has taken the lead in housekeeping. She has gotten married since coming to Shambala and now has one child.

Ayu Tinggi

She has been one of our very first employees, but as life happens, she got pregnant twice and now has four children, and opted to raise her children for a few years with a full focus before returning to Shambala. She has always worked with an incredible amount or energy, setting a fantastic example and has brought beauty to Shambala in all she touches.

has joined the staff in 2013 and has been becoming a very versatile member of our housekeeping staff. All our staff loves to call on him for help. Luckily his Gemini nature can handle the many calls from all directions. The girls like having a guy in housekeeping as he can dare to climb the ladders and help with the heavier things. He loves to speak English with our guests,, so take him up on some friendly conversations.

Together they work well as a team and from their hearts want to make sure that all guests at Shambala feel speical and welcomed.

KADEK MAHA has recently joined forces with Shambala, to help out with our pregnant Putu Widi!
He will help out for 6 months, during her pregenancy leave and then we will see .... He is proving to be a very motivated and proper young man!






Our Gardener Team :


Putu Ardana, Gede Wydiana and Komang Poliana
Komang Poliana
He can climb coconut trees and takes care of our organic composting together with Putu Ardana. He has completely transformed the garden around RAJINDER and turned it into a paradise. He added a lot of eddible trees and plants to Shambala. He is kind, smiling and will speak English if you ask.
Putu Ardana
He is hard working staff, creative and has turned the main section around the Temple into a flowering paradisical garden. He has worked as a gardener since the beginning at ShagriLa. He is very humble and funny with the staff, and is like a hidden gem. He makes our staff laugh when they sometimes sit together and talk, and never is too proude to help with anything. Feel free to appreciate the daily effort and attention that our gardeners give to the gardens of Shambala.
Gede Widnyana
His eyes are like stars and shine like a man who knows a lot more that he shows. His heart shines through his eyes. He takes his life here on Earth as a path of service and conscientiousness.

He is a quite type and really kind. We found him working as a finishing builder while Shambala was being built, doing all his work with love and attentiveness . We loved his style, his care with details, his persistence and dedication to excellence., whicih is why we asked him to join our team. You will be walking on and touching the many walls and floors he helped to build.


We take pride in the fact that all our staff participates in trash separation, which is rather unheard of in the most parts of  Bali. We all participate in making compost, in the kitchen we separate the compostable kitchenscraps from the paper and the plastic, and in the garden we save all the garden clippings, grass to mix in with the kitchen scraps and shred the branches for mulch.
Our staff is teaching everyone at home as well, as they see how great clean beauty feels to the welbeing of the soul.

We have grown our garden from bare soil in 2009 to a full lush blooming, and fruitbaring garden in 2013 by using composting bins that produce soil in 3 weeks! All we use is organic compost for fertilzation, a fairly new concept in Bali.

Bees are hanging in the trees to help polination of all our fruit trees and to provide honey.
We have:  mango, papaya, coconut, breadfruit and advocado trees, as well as tapioca plants, Bali spinach, lemnon grass, hibiscus, and healing plants.
We believe that to help the bees is to help humanity to survive!


Our SPA Team

It is our SPA team along with our Housekeeping staff take care of receiving guests with flowers and showering you with flowers and blessings when you leave.

Spa Team
  Komang Arpeni, Surkerti, Iluh, Kadek Latsu  
Kadek Lastu
She our head Massage Therapist in Shambala and has taught the other entire therapist crew at Shambala SPA. She has brought with her many years of experience from her work at the retreat center Bali Mandala and other places before she joined us at Shambala. She knows about the powerful effect of a focused mind in the process of healing and in giving massage. You can certainly feel her presence.
She is married and has 2 sons and is currently in 2013 pregnant with her thrid son.
She is married to one of our neighboring fishermen and brings warmth and strength with her big smile. She is a very good therapist and can give strong massages as well loves to give great Manicures and Pedicures. She is very kind, humble and supportine. You will feel her love. She is married and has now two daughters.
She has a very soft heart and is a very polite woman. She has worked as an assistant to a midwife prior to joining us at Shambala and brings with her a keens sense of energy and healing. She is a very good therapist. Although small in stature, her hands are strong, and she is very focused in her mind. You will be able to feel her focus and presence as she will take you to Heaven during your massage. She is married and has one daughter.
Iluh's husband works on a ship and is gone many months at at time. Here at Shambala she has found a family and friends that care for her while she is taking care of her child. Iluh is our Reflexology Massage Therapist, but also gives all other oil massages as wel. She works slowly, and puts you into a deep state of relaxation. She cares and has a very kind heart. She lives with her inlaws and has one son.


Our Restaurant Team:



   Ketut Warta, Komang Mudasih, Komang Adi, Putu Mawar.
Komang Mudasih
She is our Head Chef in Shambala and has brought with her years of experience from having worked as a cook in Candi Dasa. She can coordinate our entire kitchen, produce outrageous buffet menus, and will work diligently to make sure our groups are very happy. She knows to cook healthily and is very clean in all her work in the kitchen. She understands the western stomach!

She loves to create new cakes and will be delighted bake a cake for your special occasion as well.

She loves to meditate and works on her emotions to improve herself, pays attention to her dreams and thoughts, and knows that she is the creator of her outer life. She teaches YOGA daily in our Meditation Hall for our guests. She is married to Wayan, our gardener, and has two beautiful daughters.
Putu Mawar
She is a great team member and cook, esspecialy Balinese Cuisine. She pours out love and gratitude, and will untiringly help to make the kitchen a success. She is very friendly and a good team member. She is married and has 2 sons.
Ketut Warta
He is a great cook in the kitchen and also works as a waiter in the restaurant, where he will serve your meals, coffees and healthy juices and will always look lovingly into your eyes as he makes his presentation.
Make sure you look into his eyes as he serves you, as his presence will make your meal all the more delightful. He is very refined in his service, and is attentive to your smallest thought. He is very polite and refined. He is married and has two daughters.
He has recently joined our staff in th esummer of 2015 as he replaced Komang Widih, who wanted to help his wife at home with their new llittle shop.
Kadek is the nephew of our oldes cook, and he is sure to keep the family tradition alive.
He has been admiring Komang Adi and his aunti Komang Mudasih, learning fast, and being very polite, attentive and very helpful.

She has recently join our service and HK team and has made the kitchen and the restaurant her sole domain. Every one loves her diligent attention to cleanliness, to keeping the restaurant humming and the best of all, she speaks English very well. Do try to talk to her when you have a juice at our ocean side restaurant.
  Komang ADI
Komang Adi has worked on a cruise ship as a chef and made great amounts of money. BUT when his very own son asked his mother, wife of Komang Adi, who this UNCLE was, Adi decided to look for work closer to home. We are very blessed to have his expertise on our kitchen, the blessings of his many years of cooking gourmet food! His wife is a very gifted hairdresser and if you wish to try her gifts out, we will gladly arrange a meeting with her.
Komang Adi glows in his eyes and heart!

Our Security Team

Putu Supardianta
He is our oldest of the two security man, in charge of Shambala for the saftey at night. He is strong, handsome and you will find him many a night playing his guitarr at the edge of our beach. You can join him, listen to the music and watch the stars over the ocean. On full moon nights the ocean is breathtaking here at Shambala
Putu loves to communicate with our guests in the evenings to make them feel at home. He will also wake you up for your early morning Dolphin Tours.

When we have groups, or when anyone wants to sing, he lights up the evenings by playing guitar and singing Mantras. He always leads our groups in singing mantras and Balinese Songs in our Temple or at ngiht by the fire side, by the ocean.
He is married and has twp daughters.

Security Team

Made Sucahaya
His name means: Sacred Light, and he carries a deep sense of responsibiity with him. He comes from a fisherman familiy, and knows everyone here around us at Shambala. His demeanor is solid, and dependable. and you can try your English out on him.

His wife was raising their son of 6 months all alone with her husband having to work in Denpasar as is most often the case. For years they lived like this, until we finally had an opening at Shambala while one staff member retired.

You will find him patroling the beach or the quiet walk ways. If anything needs attention, he can help you at nigth.




Our Maintenance Genie:

Agust Aris

We were so glad when Agus joined our team. He has a fulltime job making sure everything runs well. From lightbulbs to the swimming pool, from waterpipes to solar panels, he can repair and install anything.

His quiet ways make him look like a dear as he patrols the grounds of Shambala. He fixes everything at our Resort from the electric system to water pipes and loves to be on call and preform his miraculous tricks.

He is very intelligent, has a very soft heart, is always smiling and is very friendly to staff and guests alike. Be sure you talk to him as well.

He is married and has one daughter and two sons.
  Maintenance Team


Our Manager:

                      Made & Dewi Reception

Made Arsa

Made has been with us since the very beginning, when we just had a house, which is now next to Shambala.
He was the all around manager at our house. He joined Shambala aftern managing Bali Mandala.

He is a humble but a very strong person, with strong ethics and with a big heart. He works quietly in the background, making sure everyone is attended to.

Made can think of a million things simultaneously and get them all done. He has so many talents that we feel utterly blessed by his work and friendship.

He bases his success in his life on good principles. He is especially grateful for the help of a Dutch man who helped finance Made’s schooling, at a time when Made's family no longer could afford it.

Made is forever is grateful that he got the wondrous support of a foreigner and will forever remember him. He is married and has one teenage daughter and one teenage son and a baby daughter from 2012.

Guest Service Manager


Edy is our Guest service Manager, who is dedicated to principles and service. He loves to help, to be active and inventive. He is always on top of any needs of our group leaders or guests.

His English is excellent and he loves to make our guests feel like family. He is a very active person, organizes our tours, and assists our Group Leaders from A to Z when they hire his help. Also he is our tour organizer from Denpasar to Ubud to Lovina.

Edy will help you set up your dance classes, your dolphin tours, your cooking classes, and accompany you on  Temple vistis for a minor charge and create great excursions for you.

He really loves his wife who is also a master Taylor (you can hire her for help if you want a special outfit sewn.) She has her own business and together they have one son and one adopted nephew whom they take care of.


Reception and Reservationmanager

Dewi is our receptionist and accountant with exceptional skills and training. She came to us with international training and brought her experience to Shambala.

Her heart is big, and she is very helpful, always smiling, friendly and works incredibly well with the whole Shambala team.

Mostlikely it was Dewi who chatted with you onliine or replied to your emails and inquiries.

She will also be the one who attends to your accounting needs as she is very detailed and very attentive in her work in the office.

But sometimes you will find her working in the restaurant helping in service as she loves to connect with people. Her English is great! She has one daughter, and is pregnant now.






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