In the early morning, just before sunrise, you will join the fishermen awaiting you in his outrigger boat just outside Shambala.

Just you and maybe one other guest, plus the fisherman will venture out to see the dolphins, which frequent the ocean on the North Shore of Bali daily.

The day is starting to break as you putter about 20 minutes out to sea. The shoreline of Bali is legendary, and will give you a very beautiful sunrise.

We will look for wild pods of dolphins, who travel the northern shores of Bali in the early mornings in search of fish. Many times we have been graced with pods of dolphins, some large with numbers up into the hundreds, surrounding your outrigger boat, sometime small pods, but close enough to see well.

We also find whales, and dolphins of different species all living in the same terrain.

If you are skilled, you will be able to gently slide into the warm blue ocean water, to swim with the dolphins. Good swimmers, who have good timing, have at times, though rarely, been able to swim with the dolphins here on the north shore of Bali.

And during the day you can snorkel in the best kept secret beach and reef.

See for yourself:


One thing is certain, your excurison will be a memorable experience here on Bali.

During the days you will explore a breathtaking waterfall, explore the fishermen village, luxuriate in a massage, snorkel our very colorful reef, and enjoy the strenghtening effect of Yoga.

Dolphin Excursion:

Here is your Mix & Match Menu from which you can choose your activities:

  • Pick Up: from Ubud area 850.000 Rp OR from Denpasar 950.000 Rp, please pay directly to the driver, we simply help to organize.
  • Visit Temple in Kintamani en route to Shambala
  • Accommodation: 1.250.000 Rp for SINGLE occupancy, including 3 meals.
  • Massages: 145.000 Rp per hour
  • BEGINNER YOGA with SUMANE: 100.000 Rp per hour/ per person
  • Dolphin Excursion/ Sunrise trip in Outrigger Boat early morning 350.000 Rp for two persons. Please pay in cash, as this goes directly to the fishermen
  • Trek to the Waterfall by Les 450.000 Rp for up to 4 persons plus Fees: 20.000 Rp/ person
  • Tour of the Fishermen Village behind Shambala 50.000 Rp per person
  • Drop Off to Ubud 850.000 Rp OR tp Denpasar for 950.000 Rp pya directly in cash to the driver. We simply help to organize.
  • YES, we do take VISA and Master Card, or cash. No Traveler Checks please.

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This wonderful trip to visit the dolphins as they come to feed in the early mornings outside of Bali's North Coast, lasts approximately two to three hours. We start at 6 am and return after about 2.5 hrs , just in time for breakfast around 9 am.

The exact itinerary, trip times and destinations vary depending on seasons and conditions. We cannot guarantee interaction with wild dolphins nor ideal weather conditions, but we are sure it will be a memorable trip for you.

Please bring on your trip:

A towel, bathing suit, sunscreen, snorkel and fins, (can be loaned from Shambala), water and snacks. Enjoy your trip to see the dolphins.

However, one thing you will NOT SEE:

You will not see dolphins captured in chain-link enclosures or concrete swimming pools, towing people on their dorsal fins, waiting with their mouths open to receive dead fish from a bucket.

Our mission is to watch dolphins and enjoy their presence on this planet in their natural environment, and to honor them by letting them be free.

For more educational videos on dolphins and whales please go to