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Explore the magic of the north shore of Bali as you treat yourself to wellness and adventure at our Shambala Wellness Retreat. Our beautiful retreat, with a loving staff and well trained therapists will treat you to an experience that will stay with you forever.For centuries Bali was called " Island of the Gods" and "Heaven on Earth." And rightly so. Here at our exclusive location on the North Shore of Bali, adjacent to a traditional fishing village, we offer you the rare opportunity to experience the charm and magic of the real Bali that can seldom be seen anymore.

You will still be able to witness Bali as it used to be.This still is the island paradise of friendly people and rich culture which has been an inspiration to famous artists and to this day enjoys a renowned reputation for its superb craftsmanship.You will see Balinese women making their daily offerings, fishermen going out to sea at night, doting the ocean with little starry lights, which will make you feel like you were back in time.

Sweeping ocean views surround you from each of the villas. If you are staying in the Oceanfront Villas. your gaze sweeps or over the ocean. Or you will stay at our Garden Villas, and you will relax on your patio surrounded by gardens and flowers.You will be served breakfast at the Oceanside Restaurant, surrounded by beauty in every direction you look. While you eat and relax, you will enjoy an environment unique in this world, far from the noise and tourist crowds, while still centrally located to major scenic attractions.

We mostly cater to groups, but you are welcomed to enjoy a personal spiritual retreat, or just stay at SHAMBALA to rejouvinate at the ocean sdie, to feel refreshed again, and enjoy a personal getaway. Lush gardens full of tropical plants, flowers, birds, coconut trees and the ocean will lift your spirit into the heavens.

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