Stay with us for 3 months and GET 60% OFF. P:lease inquire about in advance if we have availablity.

Welcome to Bali, welcome to Shambala, your home away from home!

Here at Shambala you can live in a heavenly beach paradise and enjoy the vast open space of the ocean in front of you.

You can rejuvenate your health with vegetarian food, yoga, and Spa Treatments.

Pamper your soul in the lush tropical gardens and warm weather year-round. We have sunshine and the dry season for about 9 months of the year, April - December.


When you stay with us for 3 months mimimum you receive a 60+% discount on your regular room prices.

You can come and live an extended time on the island of the Gods, for 6 months with a Social Visa, or a year with the Busniness Visa or even longer with a variety of options. We can assist you in finding the right Visa for you and connect you with the Visa Agency.
Whether you want to just get away for a few months, live the life of a digital nomad, or retire in Bali, you can do it.

Many an artist or writer have come to Shambala to write their book, or created their paintings.

You can find solace here on the Northshore, where Bali is still Bali and explore your inner and outer worlds..

Come and stay with us for an extended time and replentish your soul in Bali.

What others say

Dear Shambala staff,
It was a pleasure as always to work with you and your beautiful staff. Of the 4 retreat centers we work with, Shambala is always by far the most amazing to work with.

Everything you and your staff do for us is greatly appreciated and we recognize the heartfelt effort everyone puts into their work. I am very thankful I found Shambala Oceanside Retreat all those years ago while searching the north shore for a suitable place for Yandara.

Warm regards,

OceanView ROoms


We offer a 60% discount for LONG STAY (3 Month)

depending on availabiltity

  • Work and live in your own rhythm, as a digital nomad, a writer, or studying to improve your own skills.
  • We provide the lavish backdrop of service and beauty. We are happy to work in the background and provide you with a heavenly atmosphere in which you can follow whichever program you choose.
  • You can explore the natural and or cultural beauty that Bali has to offer, including excursions to Bali's cultural center Ubud.
  • We will arrange trips for you, or you can explore Bali on your own.
  • We provide you with a serene environment, a wholesome, healing field of energy, healthy vegetarian food, and a great variety of wellness SPA treatments that allow you to create a magical experience while you stay with us at Shambala.

We offer 60% off with a 3 month mimum-stay (based on availability) to LONG STAY GUESTS

To find out about our availabiltiy please write us at: info@bali-shambala.com

If you are looking for a high vibrating, refined ambiance, with great vegetarian food, ocean, nature and a Wellness environment, you will be very satisfied coming to Shambala.


Shambala -A Heaven on Earth

At our doorstep you will find:

  • Great Snorkeling Watch the video
  • Dolphin Watching tours at 6 am to 8:30 pm for about 350.000 IDR for up to 2 passengers
  • We have a wild & wonderful tall waterfall (70 meters) near by in LES VILLAGE
  • Balinese Temples
  • Healers
  • Balinese Dancers with or without a Gamelan Troupe
  • Beach fires during certain seasons
  • Hotsprings
  • Buddhist Temple
  • World Class Snorkeling on a DAY TOUR to Menjangan
  • Swimming or snorkeling in the calm warm ocean right infront of Shambala
  • Great sunrises & sunsets and supreme full moons
  • We have a lush and flowery garden giving a paradisical setting
  • Swimming pool which can be used as a WATZU POOL in the sunny season, as the water will naturally be warmish. NO HEATER AVAILABLE.
  • YOGA CLASSES by our inhouse Yoga Teacher Sumane
  • A SPA
  • A vegetarian & non-alcohol and non-smoking environment
  • An ambience of a higher world.


Get 60% DISCOUNT with a 3-months booking


  • BRAHMA UPSTAIRS with a balcony or BRAHMA GARDEN with a kitchenette, and veranda, eacj with a private bathroom and private entrance.
  • COST per room is 1.250.000 IDR per night plus a 10% service fee.
  • Swimming Pool, the Yoga & Meditation Hall only if available, the Ocean, our Spa, our Restaurant at the Ocean, lush gardens with many laying chairs and Gazebos.

Vegetarian or Vegan MEALS

We offer vegetarian meals only, vegan options, and no garlic

  • Eat a la carte with our budget minded prices, see our MENU here


  • pets
  • smoking (only at the fart corner of Shambala by the Fishermen
  • recreational substances of any kind
  • alcohol
  • no meats
  • no fish in the kichenettes (neither cooked or raw)
  • Eggs ad milk are ok

Cost for Accommodation - 60% off regular price - no breakfast -

  • 3 MONTHS minimum
  • Government tax of 12% is included
  • 10% Service Charge is addedto the room price
  • FOOD: cost is usually 65.000 -85,000 IDR per item on the Menu 4 - 5 Euro plus taxes
  • Breakfast is not inlcuded


  • FREE Wi-Fi at the RESTAURANT for WhatsApp and Messenger & checking Emails for all guests.
  • Wi-Fi MODUMS are available at an extra charge for HIGH SPEED, (just our cost)
  • Wi-Fi HIGH SPEED FIBER OPTION can be arranged at an extra charge

Payment & Cancelation Fee

  • You can pay via Bank Transfer or Paypal. Please know that PayPal chares 4% and we credit only the amount in IDR that we receive.
  • Full payment in advance is required if you are getting the special rates .
  • Payment of incidentals, such as food or massages, can be paid at the end of each month using your credit card or PayPal.
  • Long-Stay bookingsare NON REFUNDABLE, but can be converted to normal stay prices

VISA OPTIONS for Long Stay in Bali

We can assist you finding transportation

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