Maybe you have already heard about the magical talent of the Seers, also called DUKUN, who know things in advance, who feel your thoughts, look straight into your heart, and who know about right timing.

During a magical moment in October of 1999 on my second journey through Bali, I, Ilona Selke, met a very old seer in Ubud, maybe 115 years old, who gave me a reading. In a puzzled way he told me that we are/will be neighbors.

He had no idea what that meant, if it was the future, the past, or now. Only time would tell.

But one thing was for sure: I had no intentions to move to Bali, as we had our winter home on the Big Island of Hawaii and we were very happy there. But time would tell a different stoyr.


Why we got started!

Fast forward to Spring of 2005

My husband Don Paris (Ph.D h.c.), and I were staying at a neighboring Retreat Center on the North Shore of Bali on our way to India, because we wanted to look for land in India as we had been asked to co-teach at the largest Pyramide-Ashram of the PSSM in India.

Our German friend, who was heading the now neighboring retreat center, told us to not move to Indai, she had lived there many years, and she advised to to take a look at a home for sale, right on the beach. We took a look and it only took us one minute to decide. This was our house!

We thought we would live in Bali for a few months per year, then in our home on the Big Island of Hawaii and our island home on the West-Coast of the USA.

But just like the 105 year-old Seer had fortold that we would be neighborss, and other psychics, Balinese and Westerner alike had told us that they saw us running a Retreat Center, our personal live was changed byt what seems to be destiy.

Through a series of unusual coincidences, we did buy a narrow strip of land, about 14 meters wide and 100 meters long, right on the ocean next ot our house here in Bali. We did this in order to help prevent the ocean from eroding the land and begining to intrude salt water into the ground water. So we purchased the land only to build a sea wall.

However, that small sea wall was the humble begining of Shambala.

A year later we were asked by our Fishermen neighbors to purchase the land behind the thin strip of land. We had the brilliant idea of having a community, and invited a few friends, to take a look.

But, alas, those plans fell through and we wound up purchasing the land ourselves, which them has become home to Shambala Oceanside Retreat.

We built Double-Story-Octagon Villas and Single-Story-Octagon Bungalows, and even an Octagon Meditation Hall, because since I was a child, I did not want to live in square boxes

We were blessed with our builder and my God-sent architect, Gede Partajana, who meditated on his designs before he drew them on paper, who was and is inspired from a higher source within, and who wanted to not only build for the purpose of functionality, but wanted to create a piece of art for the upliftement of humanity.

Our architect built Shambala with the same quality and beauty as he had built our own Bali home .

A group of 6 women and 40 men worked for one-and-a-half years to create Shambala. The women became dear to our hearts, as they were carrying every stone, every grain of sand on their heads from the road, along a pathway to Shambala.

We don't have a street that allows cars or trucks to come close to our lands, so every brick had to carried in. The women loved their work, they were thankful to be working, and they blessed every stone, every tile with the energy form their crown chakras as they carried the baskets from the road to Shambala on their heads.

Our villas are decorated with hand carved furnitures and hand carved doors, stonework and statues, adorned the beds and chairs with silken fabric and the walls with beaded work of arts from our trips to India.

It is a joy to sit in the midst of a 'Dream Come True' and offer it to you.

Bali is truly a place where Heaven and Earth meet. The many daily prayers of all the Balinese help make Bali magicaly.

Many who come to Bali realized that the thoughts and dreams manifest here, and are quickly made visible. this is the land where people come to be creative and manifest their visions.


Fast forward again to Spring of 2008, I, while was getting a Refelxology-massage in Ubud, my therapist, Putu, told me in no uncertain terms, , that I will have a SPA in UBUd, and that I will be his boss.

I laughed, as we were just building our Shambala Retreat Center on the North Shore of Bali and really didn't need any more work. Lo and behold! Nine months later my husband and I found ourselves opening a SPA in Ubud. And that is how travelers from Ubud came to Bondalem, a village that was not yet well knownt.

At Shambala Retreat Center and the Shambala Ubud Spa UBUD: we have strived to provide and environ ment for finer vibrations to nurish the body, mind and soul.

And we wanted to offer better wages to our staff. That is how we develped a shared income strategy and Bali Blessing Project.

Now you have a littel more insight how Shambala came to be. We were as surprised as you can imageine, when realizing that visions of Seers had come true.

Welcome to Shambala, the place where Heaven & Earth meet. We hope you too will go home touched in a magical way!

If you wish to contribute to Balinese and help the children go to school, visit our HELP BALI and BALI BLESSING page


Orignially the dolphins brought us to the Northshore of Bali. We have the blessing to watch dolphins swim by Shambala from time to time. And for anyone who wishes to go see the dolphins, you can travel via an outrigger boat of our neighboring fishermen, will take r guests out to see the dolphins at 6 am for sunrise..

We are looking forward to having you stay at Shambala, where Heaven meets Earth!