How We Started Helping & What You Can Do Now!

When Don and I first came to Bali we loved the land, the people, the colorful sights right away. We made friends in particular with one Balinese young man, by the name of Made Widia and subsequently with his family.

Made Widia took me to a Seer, a man about 115 years old. After looking through into smoking incense through a hollow reed, he told me that we would be living in Bali someday. Ten years later, we found ourselves living in Bali.

Little did we know we would even create a Reteat Center on the Northshort , and a Spa in Ubud. All was fortold by various seers here in Bali.

We decided to help our Balinese friend Made Widia to become a Tour Guide, a training, which took him one year.

He now has a wife and three children, that are grown now and very smart, and and he was able to support his family with grace and send his two girls to higher schools.

It was a small effort on our part, about 1500 USD for the one year training at that time, but it paid for a lifetime of being able to make an income for the entire family.

Out motto was: Give a man a net and he can learn to fish for himself.

Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact on a child's life in Bali?

Our story of helping Made Widia and his family shows how a small effort can make a significant difference in someone's life.

We believe that every child deserves access to education, healthcare, and basic needs, and we invite you to join us in sponsoring a Balinese child.

As we experienced firsthand, Bali is a beautiful place with warm, gracious people who are always ready to help others.

By sponsoring a child, you can provide them with the resources they need to thrive and pursue their dreams.

Your support can help cover the costs of education, healthcare, and other basic needs that are essential for a child's development, which is still very hard to come by here in Bali , where the average income is less than 200 Euro per month.

We encourage you to take action today and make a difference in a child's life in Bali. Your contribution can help create a better future for not only the child but also their family and community.

Remember, even a small effort on your part can make a significant impact in someone's life.

Let's work together to give these children a brighter future.



Donate 20 Euro monthly to HELP CHILDREN go to SCHOOL

  • You can donate monthly 20 Euro/25 USD
  • The funds are paid out monthly to the family
  • If you wish to make a higher donation please write us an email awith the subject line: SPONSOR A CHILDto:
  • Please send us a Whats App Message to our Shambala Number, EDY, +62 813-3867-4895 and he will set you up with the connection with a family and their WhatsApp number.
  • Here you can send 20 Euro monthly via PayPal / you can use a Credit Cared there too





Get your personal, weekly Bali-Blessing sent to you as a video on your phone via WhatsApp or Telegram.
Prayers and ceremonies have made Bali famous.

Now you can join us from afar and have a little magic from Bali sent right to you, wherever you are.




We are working on the Trash-Clean-Up-Pproject in two stages.

Until not too long ago, everything in Bali was organic. Everything was wrapped in either banana leaves, or other natural products, which could be tossed into the garden, given to the pigs to eat, or otherwise be thrown into the catch-all Rivers, which took all organic trash out to sea without long range threats to the environment.

However, with the advent of plastic, and the globalization of western products, and the lack of funding for local trash service, we now find that Balinese are still throwing the leftovers, their trash, which is now largely consisting of plastic products, on the ground, or burning it, or in the river-beds, which not only burden the environment, but also threatens their health.

Up to this very day Balinese are throwing their trash into the river. During the rainy season the trash is swept into the ocean, threatening to suffocate the coral reefs.

We helped the Mayor in endless meetings and hands on ideas how to have trash pick-up in Bondalem, in the village that surrounds Shambala Oceanside Retreat, which has about 3000 inhabitants.

Then we donated a small Trash -Truck, and began to set an example. by cleaning our beach and all the walk ways surrounding Shambala.

Next we received a generous sum of money from the SWISS LIONS CLUB to pay for books and to pay the teachers to teach about recycling at grammar schools.

The books being used by enthusiastic teachers helped to teach children not to litter and demonstarted the power of recycling.

The books, written in Balinese, Indonesian, and English taught the children to follow through with what they learned in their books and they practiced to properly separate organic waste and create new Earth.

Now, with the help of our neighbors donations, the help of our garden staff, and the coordination of Potok, we are able to have the river cleaned regularly during rainy season, so that the ocean is not flooded by the trash from this river and the ceremonial street that leads to the river.

When we originally moved to Bondalem in 2005 we were facing a bit of trash everywhere. Decades later, a ot of the trash is gone from the reef in front of Shambala and the reef is beautiful and a home to many fish again.

If we set an example of beauty and serenity, others will follow. Edy now says, that at home, after having seen the beauty of cleanlyness, he can't stand seeing trash laying around.

Let us all set examples, imagine a better future and then do whatever we can to give a helping hand.